Morgendämmerung, oder, Wie man mit dem Hammer theologirt.
Nescire autem quid ante quam natus sis acciderit id es semper esse puerum.
Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.
Homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto.
Semper idem sed non eodem modo.


Verbum domini manet in aeternum. The word of the Lord endures forever.
1 Peter 1:24-25, quoting Isaiah 40:6,8. Motto of the Lutheran Reformation.

Fayth onely justifieth before God. Robert Barnes, DD The Supplication, fourth essay. London: Daye, 1572.

Lord if Thou straightly mark our iniquity, who is able to abide Thy judgement? Wherefore I trust in no work that I ever did, but only in the death of Jesus Christ. I do not doubt, but through Him to inherit the kingdom of heaven. Robert Barnes, DD, before he was burnt alive for "heresy", 30 July 1540.

What is Luther? The doctrine is not mine, nor have I been crucified for anyone. Martin Luther, Dr. theol. (1522)

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03 November 2007

A Firefly; Outside Us

Please note the addition to my blogroll of two blogs I have been reading for a while now but have neglected to add to my blogroll. Both are by lay confessional Lutherans, like myself, who also like myself are converts, having been given the faith of Christ correctly stated in the Book of Concord after having been given something else.

Lutheran Lucciola is a terrific story of transformation indeed, just as the blog's subtitle suggests -- but rather than try to recount or describe it here, why not click over there where the author does so herself? It's also just great fun too.

Extra Nos (Outside Us) is by a software engineer from Australia of Filipino descent. An excellent place to start is with his latest post, Miles Apart, which lays out with great precision how people with similar sounding talk about Christ actually are, well, miles apart.

All three of us have ended up not where we began, both temporally and spiritually. As to the latter, all three of us began in enchanting, shall we say, forms of Italian religion reaching back to ancient times, Stregheria, The Old Religion with Etruscan roots, and Roman Catholicism, the state religion of the (Western) Roman Empire.

The Word of the Lord does indeed endure forever, and speaking of cabbage, if you ever get to Nebraska be sure to stop for a Runza!


Lutheran Lucciola said...

Hey, I didn't even know you were posting on your blog!
Thanks for the mention. I will add you to my list, also, and check you out regularly.

Keep blogging! ;-)

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Wait, PE....are you saying you were streghe too?

You told me about your background a bit, and all the different people in your area, but for some reason I thought you were cuban!

Past Elder said...

I didn't post to my own blog at all during October due to the demands of real life!

I wasn't streghe. I'm not even Italian! I'm of English descent, adopted and raised by American Irish in Minnesota around a ton of Germans and other Germanic types both Catholic and Lutheran, in the midst of which I was culturally adopted by the Puerto Rican contingent at university.

The Cuban thing probably came from my mentioning Senteria on your blog, which although primarily Cuban is also found among PRs too.

I think it's interesting that you come to Lutheranism from "the old religion" in Italy, whereas I and the other blogger I mentioned started from Roman Catholicism, which in my view now is simply the state religion of the (Western) Roman Empire morphed into a Christian veneer and outlasting its Empire -- both, one might say, Italian paganism, in the older general sense of the word, as these days Pagan as a proper adjective seems more associated with Wicca and other witchcraft traditions.

Right now I'd love a cup of Cuban coffee though!

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Oh! Yes. I got you now. I get what you meant.

I remember your mixed ethnic surroundings and influences now. That was what was confusing me.

Hey, I got your blog up on my page now, so I will stop by regularly!

L P Cruz said...

Senior Past Elder,

Thank you for mentioning yours truly.

But most of all, thank you for blogging,...again. You ought to find time because I enjoy the insights.

Now refugees do have a way of ganging together, no?

Wait, Nebraska, is that where you hang out? I need to know what that Runza is.

Check out some vegemite in your grocery too.